Teach, travel & make a difference in Thailand

Teach, travel & make a difference in Thailand

Teach, travel & make a difference in ThailandTeach, travel & make a difference in ThailandTeach, travel & make a difference in Thailand

Welcome to Teach Thailand Corps

Congratulations, you've made it this far in your search for a life-changing experience!  Volunteer abroad with Teach Thailand Corps (TTC) to empower underserved youth and future leaders through English instruction.  

TTC teachers have a special opportunity to help lay a solid foundation in the education of children that will shape the life trajectories of students and their communities—and impact Thailand’s development—in profound ways.  In return, volunteers spend an enriching and life-changing time living, contributing, and learning in Thailand as they gain invaluable experience toward future career endeavors.  

Teach Thailand Corps volunteers have come from all over the United States and various fields of study. 

Our alumni have gone on to do remarkable things in graduate school (e.g., London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Fletcher School at Tufts, UNC MBA), and professionally (e.g., Fulbright Program, Presidential Management Fellows, US Foreign Service, global law firms, Silicon Valley). 

Quotes from Alumni

Karina Calderon '18

"Teaching in Thailand is about giving and getting more in return than you could ever imagine. I was challenged to be the best version of myself for my community and for my personal growth. It was an amazing decision to make and a beautiful experience in Thailand."

Erica Burchell '11

"Thank you, Dr. Nirund, for my time in Uttaradit and for all the wonderful people I was able to meet. I owe you a word of gratitude for the ways the experience continues to connect me to great people!"

Andrea Singer '15

"To say I love it here would be quite an understatement. It’s been an incredible learning experience and I’m confident it will provide me with a strong foundation for what I will be able to accomplish in the future."

Rebecca Hutcheson '15

"My experiences in Thailand have been nothing short of extraordinary. Teaching, learning, and living with Thai people has made me grow in ways I would have never thought possible. Even though teaching English is far outside my chosen field, I would not trade my time in Thailand for anything. "

Lauren Gonzalez '15

"Coming to Thailand has been the most rewarding and eye-opening experience for me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about Thai culture, teaching, and myself. But what I will remember most about my experience are the amazing people I met and the adventures we had. Whether it be singing Karaoke and getting dinner with my coworkers or traveling through Indonesia with fellow volunteers, my time here will forever hold a very special place in my heart."

Ryan Heaton '14

"I traveled to Thailand to completely step out of my comfort zone.  I studied elementary education in college and had a passion to teach in another country. Little did I know how captivated my heart would become with this place. Learning another culture and often not having a clue with what is going on has helped me develop in ways that never could have happened without this experience.  I have built relationships that I will forever hold dear in my heart--some based solely on smiles, and I think that’s one of the most beautiful things."

Life as a TTC Teacher

Teach Thailand Corps Volunteers have a unique experience of life in Thailand; read on for their stories about what it's like to live, work, and explore as a TTC Teacher!